The following terms and conditions apply to your use of any part of the iNetEd™ Web site each time that you use it. By registering as a user you accept and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Additional rules that apply to your use of specific functions available on the iNetEd™ Web site are contained in the "Policies and Procedures" section of each function.


Site Access and Responsibility for Use

Qualified Users. You will not be able to use the iNetEd™ Web site until you complete at least the required information called for on the registration form. Your registration as a admin or user will determine the portions of the iNetEd™ Web site to which you will have access.

Authority to Bind. The entity that is directly bound by these terms and conditions is the one identified as the registrant on the registration form. The person who completes the form must have, and by completing the form represents that he or she does have, authority to bind the organization to these terms and conditions.

Responsibility for Use. The registered organization is responsible for ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to its user ID and password. Any information transmitted through the Web site will be solely the responsibility of the registered user whose ID and password was utilized to gain access. A registered user should immediately change its password if unauthorized use of the site occurs.

Site Access. iNetEd™ intends to make its site available for use by any interested member of the public who qualifies. However, iNetEd™ reserves all rights to limit or restrict access to the site for no reason or any reason whatever, except an unlawful one.


Permissible and Prohibited Uses

Good Faith Intent to Transact Business Using the Site. Parties may register and use the iNetEd™ Web site for a particular transaction only if they intend, in good faith, to conclude that transaction through the iNetEd™ Web site. Should iNetEd™ determine, in its sole discretion, that a party is using the Web site in a manner inconsistent with this requirement, we may revoke its registration. Specific rules regarding what constitutes a good faith intent to use the iNetEd™ Web site are set forth under the Policies and Procedures that apply to each of the functions available on the site.

Prohibited Uses. No party may use the iNetEd™ Web site for anything other than a lawful and legitimate business purpose. Examples of prohibited uses of the iNetEd™ Web site include, but are not limited to, the following: a) selling stolen property, counterfeit items, contraband, controlled substances or any other material which it is unlawful for the user  to promote sell or the user to acquire; (b) placement on the site of any untrue, malicious, fraudulent, harassing, offensive or defamatory material, or any material that is irrelevant to a legitimate use of the site; (c) introduction of viruses, worms or other programming routines that are intended to disrupt or interfere with the intended operation of the site; (d) insertion of links to other sites of whatever character; (e) promotion of any unlawful activity or purpose, including any activity that could give rise to criminal or civil liability; (f) manipulation of pricing on transactions by any means, including the placement of bad faith bids, use of shills in the auction process or collusion between a buyer and seller to cause harm to a competitor; (g) unauthorized alteration of any data or information supplied by another user of the site: or (h) any activity that infringes on the copyright, patent, trademark or other rights of any person or entity. Any party that engages in a prohibited use of the site may have its registration revoked and may be barred from any future use of the site. Any content introduced to the site as a result of or which constitutes an impermissible use, as determined in the sole discretion of iNetEd™, may be removed from the site. Parties that engage in a prohibited use of the site will be liable to iNetEd™ for damages it incurs as a result.



iNetEd™ does  charges fees to admin and owners of content.


Nature of Site

Venue Only. This Web site serves only as a venue through which Admin  and users contact each other to conduct business. All transactions occur directly between the Admin and users, and iNetEd™ is not a party to them.

Legal Compliance Issues. It is the responsibility of the Admin and Users to determine what measures must be taken to comply with all legal requirements that apply to their transaction, such as the payment of taxes and any import or export duties and restrictions.

Disclaimer of All Warranties. Due to the limited nature of its involvement in the transactions effected through use of its Web site, iNetEd™DOES NOT CONTROL, AND THEREFORE DOES NOT WARRANT, IN ANY WAY, ANY OF THE GOODS OR SERVICES DELIVERED PURSUANT TO A TRANSACTION FOR WHICH THE iNetEd™WEB SITE WAS UTILIZED. iNetEd™ SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF TITLE, MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NON-INFRINGEMENT. Although some states do not permit sellers of goods to disclaim implied warranties, you agree that iNetEd™ does not sell goods, unless specifically stated, and that due to the limited nature of iNetEd™'s involvement in transactions in which its Web site is used, those restrictions on disclaimer of warranties do not apply to iNetEd™.

Waiver and Indemnification. Due to the limited nature of iNetEd™'s involvement in transactions conducted through its Web site, you agree to limit any claims for damage that you may bring against iNetEd™ to the greater of $100 or the total amount of fees that you have paid to iNetEd™ in the twelve months preceding the act giving rise to a claim. In no event will iNetEd™ be liable for any consequential, special or punitive damages. In addition, you will indemnify, defend and hold iNetEd™ harmless from any and all loss, cost, damage, claims or demands of any kind or nature whatever that arise in any way out of your use of the site, including, but not limited to, products liability claims. This indemnity shall also extend to the operator of any site that you have used to gain access to the iNetEd™ services.


Intellectual Property

This Agreement may be modified only by iNetEd™ at any time without notice, and any such modification shall be effective immediately upon posting. By accessing and using this Web site you agree to periodically review this Agreement and be bound by any modifications or amendments to this Agreement.



The entire content of this web site is copyrighted by iNetEd™ unless otherwise noted. Copyrighted material of others is used only with their express permission. Trademarks and service marks of iNetEd™ or other entities may not be used without the permission of the owner of such marks, except as provided by law. All title to, ownership of and rights in and to the software used to operate the iNetEd™ site, including any enhancements, improvements, additions to or works derived there from, do and shall belong to iNetEd™, unless specifically provided otherwise in a written agreement to which iNetEd™ is a party.


Resolution of Dispute

Any dispute that arises out of a transaction that involved the use of the iNetEd™ site as a venue is strictly between the Admin and User who engaged in the transaction. All users of the iNetEd™ Web site waive all rights to bring, and expressly agree not to bring, any suit or to assert any claim or demand against iNetEd™ as a result of any breach of a contract that was entered as the result of the use of the iNetEd™ Web site. Notwithstanding the above waiver, should any user of this site attempt to bring a claim against iNetEd™, such user consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of and venue of the courts in Orange County, California in all disputes arising out of the use of this site.


Effect of Errors

User Information. All users of the iNetEd™ Web site are responsible for the accuracy of the information that they transmit through the site. Therefore, users should take all measures necessary to ensure that the information they supply is accurate, complete and current. Since iNetEd™ acts merely as a passive conduit for information supplied by other parties to it, in no event will iNetEd™ be responsible in any way for errors in information transmitted through our site by any user.

Corrupted Information. It is possible that accurate information submitted to us by a user of the iNetEd™ Web site will be corrupted due to the presence of "bugs" in software, viruses or other causes. In the event that accurate information transmitted by a party is modified by iNetEd™ without authorization, whatever the cause, iNetEd™ will not be liable for damages to any user that is affected by it. Any agreement reached between a buyer and supplier on the basis of such modified information shall be voidable at the election of the party adversely affected by the modification, provided that the modification affects a material term of the agreement and that the adversely affected party notifies the other party to the transaction of the decision to void the transaction within 48 hours of its discovering the modification.



iNetEd™ takes all commercially reasonable measures to ensure that its service is available without interruption, except for any scheduled down time needed to help maintain effective operation of the site. However, difficulties with hardware, software and equipment and services supplied by others may result in service interruptions. In such cases, iNetEd™ will take those measures that it deems reasonable to accommodate the interests of both its buyers and sellers, including, without limitation, the extension of the closing time for any RFQ that is posted on the site at the time down time occurs. In no event will iNetEd™ be liable to any party for any loss, cost or damage that results from any period of down time suffered by the iNetEd™ site.


Privacy Policy

iNetEd™ maintains the transaction history of individual users of its Web site in the strictest confidence. However, we do aggregate transactional data for purposes of analyzing it to assess market and business trends, and any such aggregate data and analysis is the property of iNetEd™, which may disclose that information for any purpose and in any form that does not directly identify the parties to a given transaction. The only exceptions to this non-disclosure policy will be: (a) where the parties to the transaction have authorized iNetEd™ to make the disclosure; (b) iNetEd™ believes in good faith that the disclosure is necessary to comply with law; (c) to enforce iNetEd™'s rights under these terms and conditions; or (d) when necessary to protect the legitimate interests of iNetEd™ or others. iNetEd™ may, from time to time, make known generally that a buyer or supplier is a registered user of the iNetEd™ Web site.


Modification of These Terms and Conditions

iNetEd™ reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. iNetEd™ will advise all registered users of the site of such changes and their effective date via e-mail, through a notice posted on the site or both. Such modifications will apply only to use of the site that commences after the effective date of the modification.


Miscellaneous Provisions

No Waiver. iNetEd™'s failure to exercise or enforce any of its rights will not constitute a waiver of such right.

Integration. The terms and conditions set forth on this site, including the policies and procedures that apply to each of the iNetEd™ products available on the site, set forth the entire agreement between iNetEd™ and any of its users, and supercede and control over any prior or contemporaneous oral, written or electronic communications and proposals. No modification of these terms and conditions may be enforced against iNetEd™ unless such modification is set forth in a writing signed by an individual that holds the office of Vice President or higher at iNetEd™.

Severability. If any of these terms is invalidated by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining terms shall remain in full force and effect.

Notices. Any notice required to be delivered under these terms and conditions shall be delivered via e-mail. For notices to the registered user, the e-mail shall be directed to the e-mail address in the most current registration information. Notices directed to iNetEd™ shall be directed to: iNetEd™, Inc. Attn: Customer Service P.O. Box 1834, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352